Bağlantı Elemanları San. ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Code of Conduct

Hereby Code of Conduct document is created in order to define the responsibilities of GÜNDENİZ AHG to its employees, customers, business partners and environment. GÜNDENİZ AHG is entitled to change, add or remove any below given articles.

According to this statement, GÜNDENİZ AHG;

Legal Compliance
- Is entitled to comply with all binding legal requirements

Prevention of bribery and corruption
- Shall avoid all kinds of bribery and corruption in both private and government organisations and pay the same attention for all employees in this regard

Respect to human rights
- Shall approach every employee in the same manner regardless of race, color, sex, disability, social background, political or religious views
- Shall respect to personal honor and privacy
- Shall not force anyone to work without self-consent
- Shall prevent every kind of psychological or sexual harrassment among the employees
- Shall regulate the working hours and wages according to the subjected laws

Child Labor
- Shall definitely avoid to employ any under age person defined by the labor laws

Health and safety
- Shall take responsibility in health and safety of its employees
- Shall take contaminations under control and take necessary measures against occupational diseases
- Shall organise necessary training and education of employees
- Shall construct a management system and follow it

Environmental Protection
- Shall act according to international regulations and minimize contamination
- Shall construct a management system and follow it

Supply Chain
- Shall consider above given articles while selection and approval of its suppliers